Garry Smethers
Sr. Vice Commander - Air Force

Earned my eligibility while serving in the Air Force in Vietnam in 1970 as a Ground Radio Operator with the 21st Tactical Air Support Squadron.

Joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars as a LIFE member in 1989 in New Baden Il. while still on active duty with the Air Force. I retired July 1993 with 24 years of service. Moved to Benton, KY 1994 where transferred membership to Post 1084, I am now a GOLD LIFE LEGACY MEMBER.

Served as Post Surgeon 1994-1995.
Served as Post Commander for 5 years 1995-2000, ALL-STATE Post Commander 3 times.
Served as Post Quartermaster 2000-2009 and again 2011-till present. ALL-STATE Quartermaster 7 times.
Served District Quartermaster
District Commander of District 1 for 13 years, earned ALL-STATE Commander 2012-2013.
Served in many positions in Department such as; Youth Activities Chairman approx. 10 years, Department Inspector 2013-2014, Teacher of the Year Program, Scout of the Year Program, 
On the National Level - Member National Youth Educ. and Community Service Committee, National VFW Programs Committee, National Finance and Internal Organization Committee.
National Legislative Conference in Washington DC.  Multiple times met with Kentucky's Senators and Representatives.
A Recruiter for the National Home recruiting 19 members to date.