Claude Wyatt

Ky National Council Member - Marines


Karle Johnson

Commander - Army

Robert Daugherty

Sr. Vice Commander - Air Force

Bruce Unland

Jr. Vice Commander - Army

Jim McDonald

Adjutant/Quartermaster - Air Force

Garry Smethers

Judge Advocate - Air Force

Edwin Vincent

Surgeon - Army

Bob Hendrickson

Chaplain - Air Force

Michael Whitfield

Inspector - Navy

Joe Schnitterbaum

Chief-of-Staff - Army


Steven Penny

District 1 Commander - Army

Joe Hunt

District 2 Commander -

Connie Clark

District 3 Commander -

Steven Egan

District 4 Commander - Army

District 5 Commander -

Jon Crask

District 6 Commander -

Joseph Livers

District 7 Commander - National Guard

Grady Finley

District 8 Commander -

Robert Mains

District 9 Commander -

Bernard Franklin

District 10 Commander -

Douglas Dobson

District 11 Commander -

Alan Smith

District 12 Commander - Navy

Bruce Ashley

District 14 Commander -

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