Welcome to Departments of the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ VFW WebCOM Network. This Network is comprised of close to 10,000 pre-built, established sites for each of the 54 state and international Departments, their Districts and all 8,500 VFW Posts.

In support of the Network, we have added Department toolbars, a video-sharing platform, instant WebCHAT, a Membership Forum and pre-built 31,000 VFW Department-specific Officer e-mail accounts which are transferable to the next person filling the position. E-commerce storefronts for each post, online calendars, online forms and much more are in the works.

Each Department, District and Post now has an integrated internal and external communications system at their disposal for consideration of universal deployment in support of existing and planned communication protocols.

All identified product and services are provided at zero cost to the organization with the understanding that costs are to be covered through a revenue sharing agreements through the Departments. The organization retains 100% control of all branding, 100% editorial control of your message on all levels of the Network and final approval authority on all sonsorship and e-commerce opportunities. If the Network should fail to generate enough revenue to cover our service and product-provider partners’ cost of doing business, there is no cost liability to organization.

The Network has not been formally recognized by the National level of the organization at this time but is being aggressively rolled out through the eight VFW Departments of North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, New Hampshire, Alabama, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Several other Departments are in various stages of consideration and implementation.

The network provides the organization the ability to push a button and broadcast, or syndicate, the same piece of information, whether it”s text, pictures, video or audio, across every site. Departments also have the ability to push a button and accomplish the same thing across just the District and Post sites within their Department. Most importantly it enables a VFW Post or District to directly manage and publish information to the Internet for their local community and their organization as a whole.

Over 5 years in the making and built with the oversight and to the specifications of VFW Department and Post leadership and membership, its objectives are to foster:

  • More efficient organizational communication to your members and potential members.
  • More efficient organizational communication to your communities.
  • More efficient organizational communication to your legislators.
  • Generate revenue and resources for the organization.

While you are here take a moment to take a closer look at how you can support these efforts.

1) Do you have a website or a weblog that you could add a link to a local VFW or State site? Do you have a few minutes to write about us and let people know what we are doing?

You can find a list of the 54 VFW Departments here:

You can find a local VFW Post close to you here:


2) If you are a VFW Member or Supporter, you can download your Department toolbar. The toolbar has lots of neat features; all the RSS (syndication) feeds for every site in the Network run through them, keeping you instantly connected to all the information moving through the Network.

You can go here to download your toolbar:


3) If you are a VFW Member or Supporter, you can join the conversations in the VFW Membership Forum and instant WebCHAT. There”s lots of good information and opportunities to meet new friends there.

You can go to the Forum here:

4) If you are a VFW Member or Supporter, you can view and start sharing videos at VFW WebCOM Video Network.

You can check out the videos here:

5) If you are a VFW Member or Supporter, do you know of a business that may be interested in supporting your local VFW Posts or Department by sponsoring their site? Prices start at $2.00 a day for one site and scale from there with opportunities to Sponsor all sites in a Department. (At this time advertising and e-commerce opportunities are only available for the eight aforementioned Departments.)

You can go here to browse sponsorship opportunities:

The invitation is open for all Posts and Districts to claim their VFW WebCOM Network site. If your Post or District already has a web presence this would be a great way to expand it. If your Post or District does not have a web presence this is a no cost way for you to establish one and start sharing with the world what your Post does in the community and Organization and if your Post is in a Departmental Partner Network you could even generate revenue with it…up to and even beyond $3,000.00 per year.

Go here to test drive how easy it is to manage. It’s our Demo site, it works the same way yours would:

As you can see, there’s plenty to see and do on the VFW WebCOM Network with more still to come. We thank you for stopping by and invite you back regularly to support and stay connected with your Veterans of Foreign Wars.