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VFW Eligibility Requirements – Are You Eligible?

It’s not the price you pay for membership – it’s the price you pay to be eligible.

Membership Benefits

Reasons to Join the VFW:

1. Availability of the expert help of State and National V.F.W. Service Officers, as well as the Service Officer in your own Post, if you should need hospital care, educational, pension or other benefits for which you may wish to file a claim.

2. V.F.W. help in protecting existing veteran benefits that you now receive, or that you may be entitled to in the future, through the effort of our V.F.W. National Legislative Service in Washington, D.C. and your own V.F.W. State Legislative Committee.

3. An opportunity to take an active part in your V.F.W. Post’s patriotic, community service, and youth activity programs.

4. An opportunity to become an officer of your Post, thereby developing your talents as a competent public speaker and respected civic leader in your community.

5. Satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting an organization that fights for maximum defense and security of our country.

6. Free admission of your children to the V.F.W. National Home in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, in the event of your death, with complete assurance that they will have every opportunity to grow up as proud, healthy and educated citizens.

7. Receiving the V.F.W. Magazine, the State V.F.W. newspaper, and the Post newsletter bimonthly, which keeps you informed on all matters pertaining to your status as a veteran and subjects close to your heart as a patriotic American.

8. Multiple Insurance plans sponsored by the VFW including our $1,000 Personal Accident Protection offered to all VFW members in good standing.

9. VFW Approved Prescription Drug and Vitamin (VFW BeneVets Card) Program.

10. Newest Member Benefits – Discounted Merchandise and Buying Program and VFW Travel Services (Non-Insurance VFW Benefits).

11. Social functions hosted by the Post or District. Activities for yourself as well as members of your family at a minimal cost.

12. The feeling of true comradeship that exists only among veterans who served overseas in time of war.

13. The opportunity for your wife, daughter, granddaughter, mother or sister to join the Ladies Auxiliary, which works hand-in-hand with Post members in all V.F.W. functions and programs.

Eligibility Information

VFW membership is available to all U.S. Citizens, honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces and who have earned an overseas campaign medal as indicated here (Flash format) or here (downloadable PDF).  (Please note that the National Defense Service Medal is not a qualifying award.)


The VFW offers life membership and annual membership.  Currently, annual membership is $35.00 plus or minus a dollar or two as determined by the local post.  This membership requires annual renewal to continue to receive the benefits of VFW membership.

By becoming a VFW Life Member, you make a lifetime commitment to serving your fellow service members and veterans. That’s something to take great pride in.

You can also enjoy many great benefits of being a life member! You will:

  • Avoid annual dues and renewals.
  • Maintain your membership in any Post you choose, worldwide!
  • Never pay an increase in dues—Guaranteed!
  • Receive a 10% discount on exclusive VFW Store merchandise for the first year.
You can become a VFW Life Member by making a one-time payment as shown below. You can also pay for your Life Membership through our installment plan, with an initial $45 payment, with the Life Membership amount billed over an 11-month period as shown in the table below.

Age attained             Payment in Full             Installment Plan Option                            
on Dec. 31st                       Total:                   Initial Fee:        11 payments of: 

Through Age 30                 $425.00                $45.00                $38.64   

31-40                                  $410.00                $45.00                $37.27   

41-50                                  $375.00                $45.00                $34.09   

51-60                                  $335.00                $45.00                $30.45   

61-70                                  $290.00                $45.00                $26.36   

71-80                                  $225.00                $45.00                $20.45   

81 and over                        $170.00                $45.00                $15.45   

 Payment Plan Terms & Conditions: The VFW Life Membership installment plan allows any VFW member/applicant to purchase a Life Membership by making an initial payment of $45.00 and (11) monthly payments. The member will be issued an annual membership card and can elect, upon receipt of the first monthly invoice, to pay via check, credit card or ACH Debit. The applicable Life Membership fee is to be determined from the schedule using the applicant’s age on Dec. 31 of the installment plan year in which the application is submitted, regardless of actual date of birth. A permanent Life Membership card will be issued upon completion of this agreement

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